Experienced Sales


Welcome to a course that will deepen your sales skills and help you achieve outstanding results! This course is designed for individuals who want to enhance their sales expertise and improve their ability to build and maintain successful relationships with clients and prospects. Whether you are a junior staff member or an experienced salesperson, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge to build a solid sales process that optimizes the buyer’s journey and delivers predictable success.

In this course, we will focus on developing a well-documented sales model that takes into account the differences between the buyer’s and seller’s journey. We will explore the fundamentals of building a framework that aligns with your clients’ needs, optimizes your sales pipeline, and helps you achieve your sales targets. You will learn how to create a clear and concise documentation that will enable you to build better relationships with clients, increase revenue, and improve profitability.

Throughout this course, we will cover the core areas of sales, including, goal planning, self-assessment, lead generation, pipeline optimization. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of each of these areas and how they fit into your sales model. You will also develop a six-month plan that will prioritize the areas you need to focus on and help you achieve your sales goals.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to elevate your sales performance and build a successful sales model that delivers results. Join us on this exciting journey and take your sales skills to the next level!

Course code



Dumfries and Stranraer Campus


7x 2 hour sessions

Entry Requirements

No specific entry requirements but it is desirable to be working in a sales-related job post.

Information and Interview Session Requirements


Course Content

  1. Session 1 – Introduction to sales masterclass
  2. Session 2 – Productive First Meetings
  3. Session 3 – Productive First Meetings (continued)
  4. Session 4 – The Secret to Quality: Discovery Meeting
  5. Session 5 – Concluding the Discovery Meeting
  6. Session 6 – Bringing it All Together: The Collaboration/negotiation process
  7. Session 7 – Making it Yours: A Sales Model for Your Business




Learners will be able to progress through their career with confidence to operate in a sales environment, particularly with:

  • Sales skillset to operate at the highest level in todays’ hybrid business world
  • A sales process that works proven across multiple sectors
  • Defined sales process fit for purpose
  • A framework of the internal support necessary to maximise sales time
  • Metrics model that will demonstrate daily what is working and what isn’t
  • Meetings plan and skillset that ensures that meetings flow without the need to “sell” or “close”
  • Changes in behaviour that will define the ultimate success for you and your business

Career Prospects

No matter where we are in our career, we can improve. Coming back to basics is always going to be of help and ultimately what makes a great sales person is the process and the attention to detail. This series of sessions should have refreshed you, allowed you to self assess and explore how you can improve. Often one little change can have as much impact as doubling or trebling revenue.

Course Contact Details

Email: businessdevelopment@dumgal.ac.uk

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