Access to Humanities (SWAP) (NQ) @ SCQF Level 6


This programme is a Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) which provides a route to university for you if are returning to education after a substantial period of time. It is specifically designed as an access to Social Work programmes at University – meeting their agreed entry requirements with SWAP.  It may lead to progression to a number of other degrees at UWS and other universities with a SWAP agreement. The course is challenging and contains a combination of units that will require considerable study out-with College time.  

A career in health and social care requires that you meet the standards required for professional registration.  This is different to academic qualifications.  Please read these requirements at the following links as you may be asked about them at interview:

For nursing:

There may be numeracy and literacy tests at interview because there are 3 maths units and SCQF Level 6 English units on the programme and you must demonstrate that you have the potential to study successfully at this level.

Course code





100% attendance and engagement is expected on all SWAP programmes, a majority of the learning is online and in person attendance only on set dates.  Your attendance and engagement record are shared with the university you choose to apply for.

Entry Requirements

  • You may apply for this programme if you left school without any qualifications, or if you have qualifications which are now out of date and are therefore unable to apply to University.
  • You must be out of education for at least three years.  If you have any qualifications at SCQF level 6 (Highers) you must wait until they are five years old before applying for any SWAP programme.
  • Applications for a Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) may only be accepted from those residing in Scotland.
  • Your personal statement in your application must be no less than 250 words. 
  • Applicants may be required to undertake a numeracy and literacy test as part of the entry interview which is scored.
  • If you have started at university then dropped out before finishing, or if you already hold entry criteria for your chosen university course then you will also not be eligible to apply to this programme.
  • Entry is competitive
  • Passing the numeracy and literacy test. 
  • Successful interview (which may be a group interview)

Information and Interview Session Requirements

  • Applicants must respond to the information and interview session invitation – your appointment may be offered to someone else if you do not. This interview may take place via Teams or phone or in person. 
  • Be prepared to sit a numeracy test.  You can practice in advance at the following website:

  • Be prepared to write around 250 words in 20 minutes for us to assess your writing potential.  You may be given a topic such as My Home Town, My Greatest Achievement, My Hopes for the Future. The topic will be decided for you on the day.
  • There may be a group interview or an individual interview similar to many universities where each individual will be given the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics relevant to the course content.  This may take the form of choosing a photo which will help you in your discussion.  Examples of the way these photos are used are available at the following website:
  • You should also be prepared to discuss:
    • Your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Skills you have that would be useful during the course of study.
    • Your understanding of current social issues.

Course Content

There are 3 Maths units at SCQF level 5, and units at SCQF 6 include English, Psychology, Sociology, Values, IT.


You may be assessed through essays, presentations, portfolios, role play and closed book tests.


SWAP courses are designed for your progression to study for a degree at university in a related subject. These subjects may include social work, psychology, sociology, and many others.  You may also meet the entry criteria for HNC level study at the college.

Career Prospects

The likelihood is that you will want to go to university to study a variety of subjects such as psychology, sociology, social work, journalism and many more choices. The College does offer a number of HNC programmes, but it is not expected that you would apply for these as SWAP programmes are specifically designed for progression to university.

Additional funding information

You may be eligible for Bursary or EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) funding for this course. Please contact a member of the funding team for details.  Your funding may be
withheld for non-engagement in coursework and for non-attendance at lessons.

Selling Points

SWAP students come from all sorts of backgrounds and have different reasons for coming on the programme. All SWAP students are returning to education after a gap and tend to be highly motivated and keen to get on.