Adobe Lightroom for Beginners


Adobe’s Lightroom remains one of the most powerful software programs designed to manipulate digital photographs. This course is designed to introduce you to Lightroom and the power of the RAW file in getting the most out of your camera and improve your photography editing skills.

The course will help you:

  • Develop the confidence to use your imagination and create images you'll be proud to share
  • Use Lightroom to streamline your workflow and add depth to your images
  • Organize your entire photo collection and create folders for easy organisation.

The lecturer is Gerard Turnley, he is a fine-art and conceptual advertising photographer with many years’ experience working for international brands and has won countless industry awards. Gerard’s ability to create photo- real imagery is demonstrated by his technical proficiency and understanding of light and perspective.




10 Thursday evenings 

20th January 2022  to 31st  March 2022 

6.00pm – 7.30pm



Entry Requirements

The course will be fully online and delivered through Microsoft Teams.


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2021.   You will need to have this software prior to the course starting.




Course Content

The course starts with an introduction on how to shoot in RAW on your camera and how to make the most out of your digital photographs. The objective is to teach students the power of Lr to organise and sort out hundreds of images and to help you understand the difference between JPEG and RAW file types and why you should be using RAW to get the most out of your images.

The Library Module

  • importing your photographs into Lr
  • organising, tagging, and sorting out images in Lr
  • using collections, filters and keywording to help refine your library
  • rating your photographs and comparing before and after images in Lr

The Develop Module

Get to work with the flexibility of Lr’s most valuable and powerful module. Learn to work non-destructively while you make colour corrections and creative enhancements to your photographs.

  • crop and change the composition and the aspect ratio of your images
  • understand WB (white balance) and how to use it creatively
  • convert your images into black-and-white images and use presets to automate your workflow
  • apply filters to enhance and make your images stand out

Lr has a unique non-destructive workflow, meaning nothing you do is permanent! This course will help you work with both global and local adjustments to improve exposure, colour and contrast while removing most unwanted elements.


  • exporting your images for different uses
  • overview of the different file formats and their usage
  • exporting using the right resolution and size for your needs.

Lr 2021 now offers various options to export and share your images, for social media or perhaps you are wanting to create an online photo book or family album. We’ll have a look at exporting your images for the online of print.


Assessment will be based on practical photographic,  development and written work. 

On completion you will achieve SQA unit:  Digital Photography: Photo Editing with Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners

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