Certificate in Understanding Behaviour That Challenges


This course aims to give you an insight into behaviour that challenges and how to respond to situations in the most appropriate and supportive way.

You will learn about what behaviour that challenges is, why it may occur and how to promote positive behaviour. You will learn about the importance of effective communication and the vital role of reflection following episodes of behaviour that challenges. In addition, you will also explore the support available to maintain your own well-being.

Behaviour that challenges others is almost always a form of expression (a way of telling you something) and an indicator of unmet needs. The ‘challenge’ is not the person. The challenge is to understand the triggers for and reasons behind their behaviour. This understanding will help care and education providers alike to develop the proactive strategies needed to reduce incidences of behaviour that challenges in the future.

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It will involve 130 hours of personal learning to complete. Most students complete the course in 22 weeks, averaging almost 6 hours of personal learning per week.

Course Content

This course has four units, which have been grouped together into the following two modules:

Module A
Unit 1: Understand behaviour that challenges
Unit 2: Understand how to support positive behaviour 
Module B
Unit 3: Understand the importance of effective communication and the management of behaviour that challenges
Unit 4: Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges


The learning materials include an assessment, which allows learners to demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes associated with each unit. Learners should complete the assessment remotely and submit it to their tutor for marking


Learners will be able to further their own continuous professional development, which may improve their career prospects, or allow them to progress on to further qualifications such as courses in health and social care or related subjects.

Additional funding information

Fully Funded course for Scottish Residents only
Non-Scottish residents, can still undertake this course, however full course fee applies.

Course Contact Details

E: openlearning@dumgal.ac.uk
T: 01387 734233