Communication 3 @ SCQF Level 5


This online SQA course is designed to develop English language skills at a level of communication which is the minimum required for intermediate posts in business, administration and technician occupations. It is generally considered an equivalent to Standard Grade.

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Roughly 40 hours study.

Learners will have 6 months to complete course.



Entry Requirements

Standard grade general level / intermediate 1 English/Communication.
You may be asked to undertake a short diagnostic test to check communication level prior to full enrolment

Additional Entry Requirements

As there will be online learning, webinars and Teams meetings throughout the course appropriate technology will be required to undertake your studies.

Course Content

The Communication unit should provide opportunities: • to use language for a variety of purposes with a balance between productive and receptive uses appropriate to the individual needs of the candidate: eg conveying information; describing feelings; arguing and persuading; giving assistance; gathering information; organising thoughts; keeping a record; questioning; recognising the needs of others; reading and listening for pleasure. • to use language in a range of settings, personal, social and vocational; eg keeping a diary; making plans in a group; listening to instructions. • to read a variety of texts and graphical and pictorial representations which offer a range of reading demands: eg books; newspapers and magazines; pamphlets; notices; advertisements; instructions; graphs; diagrams; tables; charts; reports. • to use a range of written, graphic and pictorial forms: eg notes; business letters; logs; posters; annotated sketches; graphs and diagrams; tables; reports; essays. • to listen to a variety of messages which offer a range of listening demands: eg working in a group; listening to a speaker; listening to a radio or television broadcast. • to use a range of forms of oral communication: eg communicating in a group; taking part in an interview; reporting.


Most assessments need to be completed under exam conditions.


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