Customer Service SCQF Level 6 (Modern Apprenticeship)


Modern Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining skills, qualifications and experience and starting a career without having to study full-time. You will be earning whilst you are learning! This is an opportunity to work towards an industry recognised qualification whilst you are learning ‘on the job’ and it’s a great way to kick-start your career. 

This Modern Apprenticeship will equip you with customer service skills, which can be used across a wide range of job roles and organisations and provides you with the opportunity to learn about customer service within the best guidelines.

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It is expected that apprentices following this framework will take on average 12 months to complete. This includes up to 20% of their time for off-the-job training. This would be either learning the knowledge parts of the qualification which would take place away from work or self-study.

Entry Requirements

You must be in full-time employment and aged 16 years or over. 
We recommend that candidates should have achieved as a minimum standard grades at general level in English and Maths. 
Candidates should be well presented, committed to the Modern Apprenticeship and able to complete.

Course Content

Topies will include: understanding customer service; understanding the rules which impact on customer service; customer relationships; customer complaints whilst developing your own core skills. 
You also get to choose some of your own learning, your assessor will help you consider the units which suit your needs best. Assessors will attend your work place on a regular basis; the length of each visit will vary depending on which assessment is being done. Assessors will assess your competency and advise and give guidance on any work that may be required.


Assessments take the form of written and practical assignments which are integrated throughout the programme. Written assessments are carried out by the candidates in their own time under the guidance of the assessor.

Additional funding information

This Modern Apprenticeship is funded through Skills Development Scotland. 

You may choose to undertake this as a standalone SVQ qualification which can either be self-funded or paid by your employer.  Please click here for further information.

Course Contact Details

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