Prevention and Control of Infection


This course looks at the meaning and importance of infection control, as well as the causes of infections and the conditions in which they thrive and spread. It also outlines the methods used to prevent and control the spread of infection.

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It will involve 105 hours of personal learning to complete.  Most students complete the course in 18 weeks, averaging almost 6 hours of personal learning per week.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements but it would be appropriate for those working within a healthcare setting.

Course Content

This course comprises of 4 mandatory units presented in 2 concise module workbooks

Module A
Unit 1 - Principles of the causes and spread of infection in health-care setting
Unit 2 - Principles of the importance of personal hygiene and health in the prevention and control of infection in health-care section.

Module B
Unit 3 - Principles of decontamination, cleaning and waste management in health-care settings
Unit 4 - Principles of infection prevention and control in a health-care setting


Learners will be provided with all necessary workbooks to complete the programme and will be required to work through a series of tasks and activities designed to reinforce the learning process and test their knowledge. The learning materials include an assessment, which allows learners to demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes associated with each unit

Course Contact Details

T: 01387 734233