During this course you will explore the many options and expectations of a career in the public services. You will learn through meeting experienced professionals currently working in the public services, such as Fire and Rescue, the Police and the Army.


This course has been developed in consultation with the public services to ensure you are developing the skills that will help you succeed in this sector. The course will help you gain confidence through a range of practical and theory activities, giving you invaluable skills for your future and employment.


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Duration: 12 Weeks

Dates: w/c 28th November until w/c 13th March. 

Course code





You will need to be fully committed to be considered for this course. You will be partaking in activities outside normal class times and will need to be available for a full week with the army.

Entry Requirements

Successful interview

Information and Interview Session Requirements

You may be asked to complete a task as part of the interview process

You will need to demonstrate full ability and commitment to the course


Once we have received your application you will be given a date and time slot to take part in a phone interview. You must confirm your interview.

It is important that you prepare well for your interview. During the information and interview session, we will ensure the entry requirements and your aspirations and career plan are appropriate for the course and the level of course you have applied for. During your Information and Interview Session, you will be expected to provide positive responses to questions relating to your course choice, your future career, and your previous experiences.

Course Content

With a range of industry speakers and activities you will practically learn the requirements of different pathways within the public services. This will include the requirements of different job roles and the application process.


You will study a range of units; the content of which will include:


  • Deciding Pathways
  • Health, Physical Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Leadership skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Mental Health


Assessments will be practical and written.


This course can be used as a stepping-stone to further study or into employment in the public services.

Career Prospects

Further study and/or experience can lead to careers in a range of public service areas including:

  • Ambulance
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Police
  • RAF
  • Coastguard
  • Prison Officers
  • Army

Selling Points

  • Improve your employability skills
  • A week in the army
  • Range of industry speakers
  • You will enjoy exciting practical and theory-based experiences