REHIS Controlling the Risk of Cross Contamination


This course is aimed at managers, chefs and supervisors of food businesses of all sizes where both raw food and ready-to-eat foods are handled. It is also an excellent refresher course for those who hold the REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene or equivalent

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This course is 6 hours delivery

Candidates will also be sent pre-course work to do prior to attending the course



Entry Requirements

Ideally candidates should already hold the REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene certificate or equivalent

Course Content


To increase knowledge of microbiological cross contamination risks in food businesses where both raw food and ready to eat food are handled. To consider how such risks can be prevented and controlled taking account of the latest Food Standard Scotland guidance. 

Objectives: By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  1. State why there is a risk and identify the significant micro-organisms involved. 
  3. Understand and Identify sources of cross contamination in a food business 
  5. Describe cross-contamination risks in food businesses 
  6. Understand how to control the risks of cross-contamination by: 
    • Physical Separation 
    • Design of utensils, equipment and premises   
    • Cleaning and Disinfection using chemicals, the correct use of detergents, sanitisers and disinfectants 
    • Nonchemical disinfection – hot water and steam disinfection 
    • Personal hygiene and proper handling practices 
  7. Understand and implement management controls for preventing microbiological and allergenic cross- contamination in food businesses by:
    • The use of HACCP based food safety management systems
    • The use of Cooksafe with regard to personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection and cross contamination prevention
    • The use of relevant national guidance and codes of practice
    • Training and supervising staff
  8. Understand the enforcement actions available to enforcement officers by describing the legal requirements relevant to the control of cross-contamination. 


There is no formal examination or assessment

On completion, candidates will receive a REHIS certificate

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