A 'Sign' of the times - Basic British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness


A 1 Day workshop aimed at front line staff, and will provide delegates with the confidence to communicate at a basic level effectively with sign language users.  Delegates will also gain a better understanding of Deaf Awareness and the barriers that users face.

This is a relaxed, fun, informative and interactive workshop for all participants.

This workshop will be facilitated by Clint Burgess - an experienced trainer and practitioner who is BSL Level 1 & 2 qualified, CACDP Deaf Awareness and CACDP Deafblind Level 2 (Support) certified.


"For me, our trainer brought the language to life.  Instead of concentrating on standalone signs, he showed us how to link some simple themes so that we felt confident we could begin to communicate meaningfully in BSL. We were all fired up to learn more"    Sue Livermore

"Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the day, good fun, everybody should do this if they get a chance, it certainly made me aware that there is more to deaf awareness than just learning sign language."  Mary Brown

"Clint has such a vast knowledge and experience and it was a privilege to have him share this with us.  He showed us how important it is to be able to communicate with those with a hearing impairment and enabled us to understand the etiquette of sign language which I feel is so important. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am practising what I have learnt and would definitely sign up for further training to continue learning this amazing method of communication."   Alison Tweedie

"This course was excellent.  It opened a door straight away and allowed me to talk/sign to a member of staff.  The course was delivered in a way that it was interesting and fun to be involved in and the amount of information and signing delivered on 1 day was superb.  A passionate and inspirational lecturer delivering!"  Kenny Henry

"Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the course on Monday and Clint is the right person to deliver the course, he made this a fun day for us all and taught us many things which I have since started to put in to practice J

I would definitely recommend this a s a good starting point for anybody who is interested in BSL."     Beverley Blackburn

"The BSL course was an excellent introduction to an important topic. It was delivered by an extremely knowledgeable and engaging tutor, who gave insight into both the deaf world and the deaf community. The course was extremely engaging and there was a really nice atmosphere to the event. I learned to finger spell and some basic signs, but I learned so much more about the importance of good communication with deaf and hard of hearing people. I particularly enjoyed Clint’s style of delivery and flexibility to adjust to the training to meet the needs of his audience, for example delegates were asked what sort of common phrases they would use, depending on their position in the organization. This really meant that personal objectives, in addition to the course objectives, were fully met.

I higly reccommend this course.
Thanks once again Clint for a really engaging and effective Course" 
      Andy Glen


"The course was delivered to a very high standard,very informative and interesting,with an introduction to basic signing with BSL. It was a very quick day (or so it seemed).  Clint delivered the course in a way which was very inclusive, relevant and easily followed by its participants."      Shirley Cameron

"I was on the one day intro course to BSL with Clint. it was fantastic and a really great idea for front-line staff. we learned a lot of useful signs and it will help me in supported programmes with some of our students that are non verbal but can sign a little. Clint put it out in a great way and really got it to go in. Thanks.  "        Ailsa McHallam    





















1 Day, 09:00 - 16:30



Course Content

Key learning objectives for this workshop are:


  • Deaf awareness: positioning, lighting, body language and facial expression
  • Deaf etiquette: How to communicate effectively
  • The different types of Deafness
  • Learn everyday words and phrases such as:
               - Family Terms

               - Work terms
               - How to greet people

               - Numbers
               - Days of the week
               - Basic phrases
               - Fingerspelling

Course Contact Details

For more information contact 01387 734199 or email shortcourses@dumgal.ac.uk where a member of the short course team will help you.