Sustainability - Social Responsibility of Business


Social responsibility in business is becoming increasingly important, not only for the environment but also to consumers looking to buy from responsible companies.

This course covers a variety of topics including what corporate social responsibility is, a definition of greenwashing and why the triple bottom line is more important now than ever before.

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17 hours

Course Content

Social responsibility of businesses in relation to sustainability


  • The definition of the term ‘corporate social responsibility’
  • Why social responsibility in businesses for sustainability is important
  • Reasons why businesses might take action to improve their social responsibility
  • The definition of the term ‘triple bottom line’
  • How the triple bottom line can impact on sustainability
  • What the term ‘greenwashing’ means
  • How greenwashing impacts on society
  • Organisational implications of greenwashing

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Fully Funded course for Scottish Residents only
Non-Scottish residents, can still undertake this course, however full course fee applies.

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T: 01387 734233

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