Working with Communities HNC @ SCQF Level 7


If you’re ready to support local people to meet their aspirations and want to help local people to thrive in the community they live in, then this is the course for you.

To study at this level, you will need to be an avid reader willing to develop an understanding of theory through applying these theories into practice.

There’s a good chance you are already involved in paid or voluntary community work, in a range of different settings.  This qualification is nationally recognised and may indeed help you gain promotion or find work in a wide variety of different settings

While it is expected that you have some experience of community learning and development work, don’t worry if you’ve not got that experience.  We have excellent practical placement opportunities which will build your experience or enhance previous experience.

A majority of the learning will be through live online lessons and at this level you will be expected to have independent learning and research skills.  You can always book a study space in the campus and bring your own device and headset into the building to study.  You will have an extensive work placement involving working with and engaging with groups of people in community settings.

Course code





Your attendance and engagement in the learning and placement is expected to be 100%

Entry Requirements

Two Highers at C or above, one of which must be English


SCQF level 6 – Introduction to working with communities


Any SWAP programme


Mature students with considerable experience of working with communities in areas such as capacity building and community learning and development

For placement purposes, you will be expected to show evidence of Covid Vaccination (Covid Pass App)

You will be expected to provide evidence of negative regular Lateral Flow test results on placement and if attending campus.

You must be eligible to join the PVG scheme for which you will be expected to pay £59.

Information and Interview Session Requirements

  • Applicants must respond to the interview session invitation – their appointment may be offered to someone else if they do not. This interview may be held via Teams or phone.
  • Applicants must bring evidence of their qualifications with them to the interview session to prove they meet the entry criteria
  • All applicants must come to the session prepared to discuss the following topic: ‘Given the right tools, communities can achieve change more effectively than they would as individuals’ You may bring notes for your discussion.
  • You should also be prepared to discuss your career plans and why this course is the most suitable for you, and why at this time in your life is it the right time for you to study.

Course Content

Placement – which could be the place you already work or volunteer with

Social science approaches – psychology/sociology/social policy

Working with groups

Capacity building

Equality – rights, ethics

Personal development planning


Course content may be subject to change


Portfolio, role play, reports, observation, essays


Employment or a wide range of university courses

Career Prospects

Working within community learning and development

Additional funding information

SAAS funding may be available.

Selling Points

This course is about enhancing and changing other people’s life…and your own.