Student Support

Equal Opportunities

Dumfries and Galloway College is committed to equal opportunities, and actively encourages access to courses by everyone. The College believes in equality of opportunity for all connected with the organisation and all members of the community. This includes the fulfillment of all relevant agreements and acts, which may have implications for our role in training and education.

Student Support and Guidance

This department is managed by Shona Scott who is also the Safeguarding Coordinator for the College. Shona's contact details are as follows:

T:01387 734 187


Disabilities / Additional Support Needs

Dumfries and Galloway College is fully committed to providing the highest quality of support to any student who has a disability or additional support need. A Needs Assessment can be carried out by a Student Adviser, where appropriate support can be identified.

We strongly advise applicants requiring support to indicate this on their application form by stating 'yes' to the 'support required' query, or to contact a Student Adviser at the relevant Campus. This will allow us to ensure the appropriate support is put in place prior to the start of your College course. Support can include paperwork in a suitable colour/font, strategies for teaching and learning, assistive technology, class support and exam concessions.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact a Student Adviser:

T:01387 734 065 / 064 (Dumfries)

T:01776 706 633 (Stranraer)

Educational Support

The Educational Support staff work across all curriculum areas as needed and provide support for students who have met with a Student Adviser for a Needs Assessment. The Educational Support team leader is Liz Peel who can be contacted as follows:

T:01387 734 363


If a student requires educational support in class, the Educational Support workers are skilled at supporting the needs of individual students. Examples of class support include the following:

  • Reading
  • Note taking
  • Communicating
  • Organising work
  • Numeracy and literacy
  • Emotional reassurance

Student Advisers

The Student Advisers, based in the Point in Dumfries and room G35A in Stranraer, are very approachable and are available to give guidance and support on a large range of issues. Examples of support provided are as follows:

  • Funding and Benefits
  • SAAS Applications
  • Discretionary and Childcare Funds
  • Emergency Funds
  • Health and Welfare
  • Disability / Additional Support Needs
  • Assistive Technology
  • Study Skills

Should you require information or advice, please contact one of the team as follows:


Stuart Clark (team leader) T:01387 734 064 (Dumfries)

Tanja Livingstone (LAYP and Care Leavers) T:01387 734 064 / 065

Jan Clark T:01387 734 065

Yolanda Owen (Stranraer) T:01776 740156

Student Association

In view of the changes to the HMIe Quality framework and increased importance in Learner Engagement placed by HMIe, the College Board of Management have aligned the Student Association with the Quality Unit remit and over the past 2 sessions Quality unit staff have worked closely with the Student Association.

The Student Association is the representative organisation for students at Dumfries and Galloway College, they share the same office and liaison space with Crichton university students.

The association is run 'by students for students' with a voice on decision-making groups. It aims to maintain and improve student life within the College, which is fully supported by the College Management Team.

It also supports students on a national level through membership of the National Union of Students (NUS). We have strong links to both the University of West of Scotland (UWS) and the University of Glasgow and share student association space with them at our Dumfries Campus.

The Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

Specialist staff are available in the Independent Learning Centres (ILCs) at our Dumfries and Stranraer Campus sites, to assist students with their numeracy and communication skills. We have several methods available to assess student needs and focus support on the essential skills of reading, writing and numeracy.

The ILCs have been developed to assist students in all aspects of their studies, supporting them throughout their course. No one is good at everything, but the staff in the ILCs have the experience to help you improve your study skills through practical advice and support.

You can choose how you learn using either paper-based material or on-line learning materials. The help available includes many areas such as: Study Skills, Numeracy and Communication.

Support is offered either by appointment or by drop in, please make the most of this facility - it can make a big difference to your achievements. To discuss your particular needs, please contact the ILC staff as follows:

T:01387 734152 (Dumfries)

T:01776 706633 (Stranraer)