Estranged Students Solidarity


22nd - 26th November is Estranged Student Solidarity week.

We want to raise awareness to our students who are in difficult situations and who have become estranged from family members or who do not have a support system.

Who is affected?

Often misunderstood, being estranged can happen for many reasons to anyone. This can be a slow or long process and each situation is different. We want to support students in these difficult times in any way we can. 

Becoming estranged can be for a number of reasons, including abuse which can be emotional, rejection, and/or mismatched expectations. While sometimes we might not call it estrangement, you could call it distancing or separating and this can still affect you in a negative way. 

While we often think of estrangement as a child being estranged from their parent, it can also be a parent who is estranged from their child. There is no age or requirement that one person needs to get help and support. Every situation is different.

It is important to us at Dumfries and Galloway College that we recognise the impact on students' lives and support when needed. Affecting your mental and physical health, estrangement is tough and complicated, with no one-person circumstances being similar.

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