Graduation Celebration 2021


We were very excited to see our graduates this year!

It’s been a tough few years for our classes of 2020 and 2021 – the resilience and dedication you have shown are commendable.

Students were invited along to join us for a graduation photography session, were filmed for a special video for your day.

Your Graduation Video

Dumfries and Galloway College are here to celebrate your success. We are extremely proud of all you have done.

To commemorate this past year we have created a special graduation video to enjoy including our graduation photography sessions. 

We understand this has been another difficult year however we want to celebrate all you have achieved in your academic success and showcase our award winners who have gone over and above in their studies or here working with us.


These past few years have been an important time of reflection and challenging circumstances. As we begin a new year Dumfries and Galloway College wanted to celebrate everyone who has gone above and beyond in there education or in their job role. 

Special Student Awards

This award is for outstanding students who have been nominated by their lectures for their exceptional work 

  Student   Subject
Rhys Thompson  HND Photography 
Stacey Falconer  HNC Photography 
Michelle Moores HNC Social Services
Natalie Skilling  HNC Social Services
Debbie Aitkinson  HNC Business 
Viktor Nestrasil  HNC Business 
Alan Cowan Accounting HND
Gayle Neil  Accounting HND
Euan Jamieson  Computing HNC
Andrew Henderson  Computer Science HND
Harry Glasgow  Coaching and Developing Sport HND 
Jonathan Brown Fitness, Health and Exercise HND
Charlotte Bryden  Fitness, Health and Exercise HND


Principles Commendation Award

The Principles Commendation Award has been presented to celebrate the staff members who have gone above and beyond for Dumfries and Galloway College 

Staff member  Department 
Darren Morton  ICT Infrastructure Officer 
Helen Cronie  Interim HR Manager 
Lyndsay McCourtney  Health and Social Studies Lecturer 
Angela Connelly Blended Learning Advisor 
Jane Chalmers Creative Industrie Lecturer 
Helen Templeton  Computing Lecturer 



Congratulations all of our Graduates!