Modern Apprenticeships

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A Modern Apprenticeship is an exciting and rewarding pathway which benefits both the apprentice and the employer in so many ways.

Becoming an apprentice gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn, gain valuable, hands-on experience which the classroom can’t provide and work towards a qualification at the same time.

For employers, taking on a Modern Apprentice is a great way to tailor training to the needs of the business with either a new employee or existing employees who are looking to upskill. The funding available makes training a cost effective way to boost business, productivity and help to develop the workforce.

I’m interested in becoming an apprentice

I’m an employer thinking of taking on an apprentice


Become an apprentice

If you’re considering becoming a Modern Apprentice, there’s so many fantastic reasons why it will be a positive experience that will help to boost your career opportunities.

From your own personal confidence to the skills you will learn in your job role, all whilst working towards a qualification and earning money at the same time – the benefits are far and wide.

  1. Earn while you learn
  2. Gain hands-on experience in your chosen industry
  3. Broad range of subject areas/job roles/qualifications to choose from
  4. The experience will help to give your studies real life context
  5. Training tailored to the job role you’re doing
  6. Working with your employer to gain the experience that’s right for you
  7. Nationally recognised qualification accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority


What are modern apprenticeships?

A Parent's Guide to Modern Apprenticeships

Take on an Apprentice

Taking on a Modern Apprentice could be a turning point for your business. Recruit new talent or upskill your existing talented employees and help to shape the future of your workforce with this flexible, yet tailored approach to training staff.

Other benefits of employing an Apprentice include:

  • Improved productivity in the workplace through your investment in staff 
  • Developing your workforce to be more skilled
  • Tailoring the training to your business needs
  • The opportunity to upskill existing employees or recruiting new
  • Retain your staff, thus lowering recruitment costs

To find out more information, you can email us to arrange a phone call or look at more funding information.