Bespoke Training

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We understand as flexibility is a necessity in business. That's why we can deliver training exclusively to your staff in our campus, online or at your own premises. It's also why we can develop training solutions to meet your staff development needs and align with your business goals.

Simply tell us what your needs are and we will accommodate them to ensure your employee training is effective, well-delivered and has a positive impact on your future business.

Key Benefits of Bespoke Training

A group of staff receiving the specific training required is more cost-effective than paying for each member of staff to attend a standard course that almost meets your objective.

A training solution that is delivered specifically to meet the schedule of your staff.

Training can be developed and delivered with your staff training needs in mind.

Get in touch with us today to arrange bespoke training for your staff and make the most of these benefits for your business.

What we've done

Here are a few examples of what we've done in the past.

First aid

Courses that align to staff training needs, be it emergency first aid, pediatric first aid or first aid for sports professionals.

First Aid


Courses that seek to upskill in the basic principles of cooking.

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene (online)


Courses that deal with specific IT and digital skills needs of staff, including Microsoft Office software.


Customer Service

Courses that were designed to inspire and equip your staff to serve your customers in a way that keeps their business coming back.

Customer Service


Courses that targeted specific training requirements for engineers.

 C.S McKerlie Electrical Services

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