Remote Learning

Learn in your own time from the comfort of your own home through remote learning. Study one of our short courses to enhance your qualifications, improve your skills or learn something new.

Many of our remote learning courses are FREE – it’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to a new area of study or get yourself an extra qualification without breaking the bank!

Maths and English

Our Maths and English courses could help you in real-life situations, such as managing your finances or helping you build up your communication skills.

Working at SCQF level 5 or 6, these courses are perfect if you are looking to bolster your qualifications to progress on to higher education, including teacher training and nursing.

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Literature 1 @ SCQF Level 6

Develop your literary analysis skills – this course can help you progress on to teacher training at University.

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Communication (NC) @ SCQF Level 6

Build on your practical skills in reading, writing, listing and talking – perfect for anyone looking to improve their language skills.

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Applications of Mathematics National Award @ SCQF Level 5

Develop your maths skills in a real-life context – this course may help you progress your career.

Numeracy @ SCQF Level 5

Progress your numerical skills for everyday situations – this course may also help you progress onto nursing training.

Adult Health & Social Care

Gain a qualification that helps you understand and care for people.

You can choose from a varied range of courses, all of which can help you support individuals in different ways within a care setting.

You can comfortably work from home at your own pace with the support from our tutors.


Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines

Develop your knowledge of safely handling medicines and practice guidelines when dealing with medicine administration.


Social Care

Awareness of Dementia

Designed for anyone wishing to improve their understanding of the condition and how to apply the principles of ‘person-centred dementia care’.


End of life care

Understanding End of Life Care

The course is for health and social care workers who wish to improve their understanding of end-of-life care and palliative care.


Understanding Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

Mental Health Awareness

Develop your knowledge and understanding of various forms of mental distress with the Mental Health Awareness course.


Certificate in Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes

This course helps you apply good practice relating to the care and management of diabetes.


Two women having a business meeting

Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in The Workplace

Particularly helpful to organisations wishing to improve mental well-being in the workplace.


Understanding Equality and Diversity

Understanding Equality and Diversity

This course aims to give learners an introduction to the issues around stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.


Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent

Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent

Aimed at anyone who works with children, young people or vulnerable adults & has a legal duty in respect of safeguarding and prevent.


Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Aimed at learners who work with, or would like to work with, individuals with learning disabilities.



Certificate in Drug Awareness

This course is for anyone working with substance mis-users, and people in support work roles, such as youth work, counselling or community work.


Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

Explore two key principles within health and social care – respecting dignity, and safeguarding.


Common Health Conditions

Common Health Conditions

Designed to raise awareness of some of the most common health conditions among older people in the UK.


Certificate in Falls Prevention Awareness

Aimed at anyone working in a health or social care environment, particularly those who support older people who have an increased propensity to falls.



Develop your understanding of children’s well-being by learning about issues that affect them, including mental health and illnesses.

You will learn the ability to spot signs of illnesses and understand how to react.

You can comfortably work from home at your own pace with support from our tutors.

Child Care SCQF Level 9 (Modern Apprenticeship)

Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Explore the factors that make an individual more vulnerable to developing mental ill health as well as the factors that can protect their well-being.


Childhood illness

Understanding Childhood Illnesses

Learn about infectious illnesses that babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to and the precautions that can be taken to reduce the chances of children developing them.


A male childcare practitioner helps children working on an activity in a classroom

Certificate in Understanding Behaviour That Challenges

Gain an insight into behaviour that challenges and how to respond to situations in the most appropriate and supportive way.


A woman caring for several children doing an activity at a desk

Certificate in Understanding Autism

Develop your understanding of autism and how to support individuals in a range of different contexts, whether you work in health, social care or young people’s settings. 


Social Services Children & Young People

Introduction to Neuroscience and Self-Regulation in Early Years

Designed to give learners a gentle introduction to neuroscience, and share some insights it has given in terms of how the infant brain develops.


A male childcare practitioner helps children working on an activity in a classroom

Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings

Aimed at people who are entering the field of healthcare, social care, early years provision or childcare for the first time.


Wellbeing and Advice

If you’re looking to further your personal knowledge or your career in fitness, wellbeing or advice and guidance job roles, our courses will give you the knowledge you need, whilst allowing you to study around your busy schedule.

Exercise Studies

Ideal for anyone interested in improving their performance and gaining an understanding of the benefits of exercise and fitness. 


Understanding Nutrition and Health

This course is perfect for anyone working, or intending to work, in sport & recreation, exercise & fitness, hospitality & catering or health care.


A woman in front of a whiteboard talking to a class.

Certificate in Information, Advice & Guidance

Designed for anyone with an interest and/or some involvement in information, advice or guidance delivery in their work.


REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

This ONLINE course is aimed at all food handlers and is recommended by the local Environmental Health Department.

It makes a great alternative for anyone who can’t attend our in-person course.


Food preparation
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