Dumfries Campus

Our ‘crescent shaped’ building works in synergy with its natural surroundings and maximises views to the South and West. Communal social spaces are located on the South side of the building, offering pleasing views of the fields and hills beyond the site. Terraces appear to grow from the natural site contours on the southern facade, providing a ‘spill out’ space for the library, cafe areas and upper teaching areas.

Dumfries and Galloway College in Dumfries

The building opened in September 2008 changing the face of learning in the South of Scotland. The design is specifically tailored to modern learners creating learning spaces appropriate for the 21st century. The College has three levels plus a mezanine floor and proudly boasts the latest in learning technologies and resources as well as Scotland’s first fully integrated FE/HE library and resource centre, which brings together College and University students in this exciting new development. Attached to the integrated library is a research and development centre funded by the Crichton Foundation.

The modern spaces of the College will be responsive to the way students learn and will ensure learning is accessible to all. The new building has been designed to account for the needs of all students resulting in a facility that encourages access and integration. Today’s students have diverse abilities and come from all walks of life, they hold new expectations for learning. Some prefer lectures, others want to learn using networked resources and mobile devices – what unites them all is the desire to access learning that meets their needs.

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Dumfries and Galloway College

Dumfries Campus
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