Qualifications Explained

Get one step ahead in your future by gaining qualifications at Dumfries and Galloway College.

Gaining your qualification at Dumfries and Galloway college means you will be using the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). With various levels and courses, this opportunity is accessible to everyone looking to further their education or career path.

At Dumfries and Galloway College we links to university and industries around Scotland that also use SCQF as a qualification measure, providing you with the prospect to succeed and get one step ahead.

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What is the SCQF?

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) is a structure used by Scottish colleges and universities by describing each level of qualification. This gives an easier way to understand and compare levels of each SCQF qualification to help you decided which is level you would like to study.

Each SCQF qualification gives you credit points based on how much learning is involved. Each credit point represents an average of 10 hours of learning.

Find out more below about what each qualification means and how Dumfries and Galloway College can help you.

Qualifications Explained

National Progression Awards is the first step to gaining qualifications with Dumfries and Galloway College. This gives you the opportunity to gain access to further study with us or future employment. Regularly National Progression Awards are provided in partnership with schools and employers. This will introduce you to short study programmes or Passport to College to explore your interests outside of school and further your future career.

NPA is between SCQF levels 2-6

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National certificate, which was previously known as Intermediate One is often suitable for students with no formal qualifications to gain entry into a HNC or HND courses or future employment. As a student you will be offered the opportunity to learn academic theory and practical work-based skills. This could be alongside full-time education to gain a qualification your school may not offer or a stepping stone into a new career. 

NC is between SCQF levels 2-6

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Higher National Certificate known as an HNC is  SCQF level 7 qualification, equivalent to an Advanced Higher. HNC’s are designed to give you a taste of your chosen industry with the skills and knowledge developed in mind for your future employment or education. It is often a more specified level of study, focusing on a certain subject e.g. Health and Fitness or Coaching and Developing Sport. Studying an HNC will give you the opportunity to gain entry into first year of many university courses.

HNC is a SCQF level 7

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Known as an HND, this is the next step above a Higher National Certificate. A Higher Nation Diploma gives you the qualification at SCQF level 8 that is developed in partnership with other universities and employers. You will have the option to go into further education or employment upon completion of your HND. HND’s also gives you the best advantage of preparing you and gaining access to join your preferred university in its first or second year, depending on the course and university.

HND is a SCQF level 8

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The scottish credit and qualifications framework. This framework diagram has been produced to show the mainstream Scottish qualifications already credit rated by SQA and HEIs. However, these are a diverse number of learning programmes on the Framework, which due to the limitations of this format cannot be represented here. For more information, please visit the SCQF website at www.scqf.org.uk to view the interactive version of the Framework or search the Database.