How to apply

Before Applying

When you’re applying to study at college, we want to help you in any way we can – from helping you to decide which course is right for you or which level of course you’re eligible for, to the practicalities of writing your personal statement and filling out your application, we’re on hand to give you the support you need.
We’ve put together a guide to help you every step of the way and let you know who you can contact to help with your application
process and make applying for college as smooth as possible for you.

  • Remember to read all the information about your course’s most important entry requirements that you may need for a successful application. This will also help you write a personal statement as part of your application.
  • Make sure you have your a personal email address or Facebook account, this will be used to contact you for any information including enrolment, funding, and interviews.
  • Have supporting information such as documentation e.g. qualifications convenient to you before applying for your course.
  • Places are limited on courses so you should apply as soon as possible in case you miss the opportunity to get on your chosen course.

How to Apply

If you have already started an application, you will have received an email with a link to log in and resume your application. Please check all your email folders including the junk folder.

If you have not started here are 5 easy steps in completing your application. 

  1. Search for your course
    We have many ways of helping you find a course that is the right fit for you. Start by looking at what subject areas we have available with Dumfries and Galloway College or search for a specific course that you know you want to study
  2. Pick your course
    When you find the right course click on the Course Title link. This will take you through to the course description, minimum entry requirement, and what prospects it may give you. You can read all the information on this page to help you write a personal statement letter.
  3. Get your application form 
    At the top of your webpage with your chosen course, there will be a button “Apply Now”. This will direct you towards the login for our online applications 
  4. Create your account

    If you have applied before please log in using your existing account. If you are applying with a different email address to previous applications you will need to create a new account. If this is your first time applying, you will need to create an account on our online system.  You will need this account to process your application form and contact you about its progress.
    • You will need an email address or Facebook Account.
    • Click the button “Create New User Account” and enter your details. You will need to choose a PIN number or click on the Facebook icon and login into your Facebook account. You will have to permit Dumfries and Galloway College to access your information
    • Once you have chosen an option you will be asked to provide some security details.
    • Click “Proceed” when you are done.
  5. Complete your application
    • Before you start filling in your application form, you will see a summary page. Check that all your information is correct including the course details at the top of the page.
    • Once everything is correct, click on the “Proceed” button to begin filling in your application form online.

Application Troubleshooting

If you are having problems applying, we are here to help. Here are a few issues you may have:

Try to register again, your previous account may have had a different email address.

Ensure all compulsory fields are complete; any missed ones will be highlighted in red.

Try the forgotten password link or contact admissions below.

Only questions with an asterisk * are compulsory, others can be left. If you are stuck on a compulsory question, contact Admissions below.

Let us know on the application form by completing the ‘Student Support’ section, and selecting ‘yes’ on the support question. We will contact you when you have accepted a place on a course and arrange a Needs Assessment. This will be used to recommend support or adjustments that will help remove any barriers to learning.

Contact Admissions

Digital Assistant Jenni 

Our Digital Assistant Jenni will help you with any questions you may have about your application available through WhatsApp. You must download WhatsApp to access Digital Assistant Jenni.

Shortly after submitting your application, you will be sent a welcome message from Digital Assistant Jenni. Through WhatsApp, you will then be able to communicate with any questions you may have and with our Admissions team.