Apprenticeships & SVQ’s

Apprenticeships and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) are work-based qualifications, which allow you to learn as part of your job role to set criteria, ensuring you meet national standards for the sector you work in.

How they work


You can study for an SVQ while you carry out your normal day-to-day work. There are no formal written exams. Anyone doing SVQs collect and submit evidence, usually using your job as a reference point.

Each SVQ unit relates to an aspect of your job to give you the skills and confidence to be competent in your role.

You will work with an SVQ assessor to complete your studies and they will provide help and support when you need it.


We offer both Foundation and Modern Apprenticeships.

Modern Apprenticeships are run as a partnership between an employer, the college and Skills Development Scotland. Training usually takes place both in the workplace and at college, which you will need to attend on set dates throughout the year.

Foundation Apprenticeships are studied at college, alongside other subjects and they’re the equivalent of a Higher. Apprentices spend part of their school week at college and with an employer to gain practical work experience, as well as an industry recognised qualification.

Why take on an apprenticeship or SVQ?

If you’re considering becoming an Apprentice or undertaking an SVQ in your job role, there’s so many fantastic reasons why it will be a positive experience that will help to boost your career opportunities.

From your own personal confidence to the skills you will learn in your job role, all whilst working towards a qualification and earning money at the same time – the benefits are far and wide.

  1. Earn while you learn
  2. Gain hands-on experience in your chosen industry
  3. Broad range of subject areas/job roles/qualifications to choose from
  4. The experience will help to give your studies real life context
  5. Training tailored to the job role you’re doing
  6. Working with your employer to gain the experience that’s right for you
  7. Nationally recognised qualifications
  8. Formalising and evidencing your skills with a qualification

Find the right course for you

What are modern apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a qualification that helps you gain valuable experience and skills whilst also giving you the opportunity to earn while you learn.

Becoming an apprentice gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that the classroom can’t provide and work towards a qualification at the same time. You’ll learn on the job, supported by a mentor in the workplace.

Find out more about Modern Apprenticeships in our video below.

Need more information?

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