Numeracy @ SCQF Level 5


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SQA code: F3GF 11

This Unit seeks to develop skills of interpretation and communication of graphical information and application of a wide range of numerical skills in everyday and straightforward, generalised contexts.

Numeracy at SCQF level 5 is about applying numerical skills in personal, workplace, social, and educational situations that involve graphical information, calculations, and solving problems. At this level, learners must understand tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams; communicate information graphically; and apply a wide range of numerical skills.

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Minimum 40 hours




Location: Open Learning
Numeracy – 01 May 2024 15:45

Entry Requirements

A good level of mathematics is required to undertake this unit.

Additional Entry Requirements

As there will be online learning throughout the course so appropriate technology will be required to undertake your studies.

Course Content

Students studying at this level of Numeracy will be expected to:

solve problems involving at least one numerical or statistical concept, eg. quantitative and qualitative data, discrete and continuous data, numbers represented by symbols, or a statistical concept such as range

decide which operations are to be carried out to solve a problem, and the order in which to carry them out

carry out a number of sustained calculations or at least one specialised calculation, eg a calculation involving a scientific formula to determine an outcome

interpret information from a single complex graphical form or a series of straightforward related graphical forms

Learners will round answers to an appropriate degree of accuracy, eg two decimal places or three significant figures.


Assessment is coursework based, with learners compiling an Assessment Porfolio comprising a selection of correct answers to a number of set questions.

Additional funding information

This course is supported by ITA funding for the Numeracy NAT 5 course. Further information regarding ITA funding, as well as the eligibility criteria, can be found HERE.

Course Contact Details

Telephone: 01387 734233

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