Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace


Aimed at anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and understanding of mental ill health and how to support people experiencing mental distress. This course is particularly helpful to individuals, managers and organisations wishing to assess and improve mental well being in the workplace or learning environment.

Mental Health First aid is about providing initial care and support to someone in need. This course will allow individuals to become aware of warning signs of a developing mental health problem, or even a mental health crisis and be able to offer appropriate support. This course looks at how the workplace can impact upon mental well-being and what individuals, their managers and their organisations can do to create a mentally healthy environment.

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It will involve 143 hours of personal learning to complete. Most learners complete the course in 24 weeks, averaging almost 6 hours of personal learning per week.

Course Content

This course comprises of 3 mandatory units:

Unit 1 – Exploring Mental Health
Unit 2 – Understand How to Support Individuals With Mental Ill Health
Unit 3 – Undertsand a Mentally Healthy Environment


Learning Materials comprise of high quality workbooks that learners will work through and complete a series of reflective activities that are designed to reinforce the learning process and test their knowledge. The materials also contain assessments that allow learners to complete a portfolio of evidence and demonstrate their achievemnet of all learning outcomes associated with each unit. These assessments are sent to learners allocated tutor, for marking and feedback is provided.


This course allows learners to further their continuous professional development, which may improve career prospects.

Course Contact Details

E: openlearning@dumgal.ac.uk
T: 01387 734199

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