This course is currently closed for new learners.


The courses are for students whose first language is not English and they assess the four skills of Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. The topics and tasks covered are all relevant to learners and are related to everyday work, study, community and social situations.

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Dumfries Campus

Entry Requirements

After applying to college, an appointment will be made for you to your English reading, writing and listening skills assessed at the College. The result of the assessment will then allow us to place you on the most suitable level of ESOL which can range from National 3 level upwards.

Course Content

The ESOL Course enables you to develop your language skills, so that you can understand and use the English language, have the ability to process information more easily, and can apply your knowledge of language in practical and relevant contexts. This Course contributes towards the development of literacy skills by providing opportunities to read, write, listen and speak in English. At each level of ESOL you attend group classes and receive support from an ESOL tutor to improve your English language skills. Assessment normally falls into four areas: listening, writing, speaking and reading. You need to pass all the assessments covering all four skills areas to achieve the SQA unit qualification. For further details please contact Kirsty Hulme, telephone 01387 734190 or email


Students who achieve at least 2 credits at a level can choose to progress to the next SCQF level of ESOL study.