Early Learning and Childcare @ SCQF Level 5


If you are interested in pursuing a career in working with children, the Early Learning and Childcare National 5 course may be for you. 

It is an introductory course that aims to help you develop some of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for work in the early learning and childcare sector. If you are successfully accepted on to the programme you will study both theoretical content as well as taking part in practical activities.

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  • 1 year part time,  3 hrs per week

Entry Requirements

You will need the following: 

  • A keen interest to pursue a future career working within the social services: children and young people sector. 
  • To demonstrate ability to work at National 5 level comfortably. 
  • To include an accurate and well written statement in your application that should explain why you want to do this programme and your interest in this subject. 

Information and Interview Session Requirements

There are no requirements for an interview for this course, but you should have a basic knowledge and an interest in the industry with a view to potentially looking to have a career within it if you would like to join this course

Course Content

The course aims to give you:  

  • An understanding of the workplace and your responsibilities when working within the sector 
  • Theoretical and underpinning knowledge that drive practices in all childcare settings. You will learn about child development and wellbeing and the factors that can influence these outcomes. You will learn about the importance of play in early learning and child development and wellbeing. You will acquire practical skills of planning, implementing and reviewing quality play experiences for a range of different ages. These play experiences will involve both indoor and outdoor settings. 
  • positive attitude to learning 
  • flexible approaches to solving problems 
  • adaptability and positive attitude to change 
  • confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience 


All components of the programme are assessed. A variety of assessment approaches are used for example, building portfolios of evidence, short reports, oral and poster presentations, observation of your practical skills.


A pass in this programme may form part of the entry criteria towards applying for the following: 

  • a place on a full-time college Preparing for Early Learning and Childcare Programme at National 5. 
  • or The Foundation Apprenticeship part time programme if you continue at school for a further year,  
  • or progress to the NC in Early Education and Childcare at SCQF level 6 full time programme if you have the additional entry criteria 
  • or any other college programmes at SCQF level 5 or level 6 dependent on their entry criteria. 

Career Prospects

This is an introductory programme to working in the early learning and childcare sector. If you intend to pursue a career within this area you will need to gain further qualifications to be able to register with SSSC. 
Further information on careers within this sector can be found at the following link 

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Course Contact Details

Michelle Hodgson - email hodgsonm@dumgal.ac.uk

Selling Points

Facilities include a simulated early learning nursery setting. 

This course or its units may provide progression to full time courses in Childcare at National 5 or SCQF level 6 
The programme also aims to develop transferrable skills relevant to employment.