Our Performance Indicators for 2020/21

Dumfries and Galloway College’s Performance Indicators demonstrate student attainment which enabled a significant number of those studying with us to gain their qualification.  This means that our students are well placed to be able to progress to further study or move into employment in their chosen subject.

The courses we offer are full time and part-time qualifications, our courses are either –

  • Further education (FE) courses which are our National Certificate or National Qualification qualifications
  • Higher education (HE) courses which are our Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma qualifications.

Our Pass Rate

The information, below, identifies the number of students that pass our qualifications, this figure is referred to as ‘completed successful’.

Most of our students are part-time and an impressive 76.1% of our part-time FE students passed and 84.1% of our part-time HE students passed in 2020/21.

In terms of our full-time students, 59% FE students passed and 69% of our full time HE students passed.

If you wish to look at our performance in detail you will find it within the document linked to below. The key to the terms used is as follows –

  • Early withdrawal (EW) – indicates that a student has withdrawn from a course of study prior to the funding qualifying date.
  • Further withdrawal (FW) – indicates that a student attended after the funding qualifying date but withdrew from their course prior to the end of the course.
  • Completed partial success (PS) – indicates that the student completed the course; however, the student may have gained some of the required subjects but not the whole qualification.
  • Completed successful (CS) – indicates that a student completed the course and gained the qualification they were aiming for.


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