Students Create Awareness Raising Animations

A team of creative students from Dumfries and Galloway College have created a series of animations that highlight issues around hoarding and self-neglect.

HNC Visual Communication students Cheyanne Arkless, Aaron Pearson, Millie Gray, and Daniel Nicholson worked together to create the material which will be uploaded to the Dumfries and Galloway Public Protection Partnership (DGPPP) website.

DGPPP is a multiagency organisation that provides information and support to vulnerable people on issues including violence against women and girls, child protection, and adult support and protection.

As part of their project, the students produced storyboards for 30 second animations and subsequently created the features.

The project was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about working with a live brief, liaising with clients, reporting, and presenting.

Dumfries and Galloway College is proud of its students for their innovative and creative work and also thanks DGPPP for their continued partnership working with the college.

Principal Joanna Campbell said:

“Our HNC students have done an excellent job in fulfilling this challenging live brief and should be proud of themselves.”

“They have shown creativity, dedication, and drive in fully completing this project and I’m sure it will set them up for their future careers.”

“I would also like to thank our valued partners at DGPPP for their invaluable role in providing this opportunity to our students.”