Customised Training

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External Development can offer customised solutions to meet the specific training needs of your organisation. This type of training can cover a wide range of subjects, including: Construction; Engineering; Management; Health & Safety; Computing; Customer Service Skills; Catering etc.

The Key Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Value for money – a group of staff receiving the specific training required is more cost effective than paying for each member of staff to attend a standard course that almost meets your objective
  • Flexible Solutions – a training solution that is designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation
  • Where and when you want it – training can be delivered at a time and place to suit your organisational needs
  • Convenience – a single point of contact within External Development that will co-ordinate the training and liaise between the organisation and those delivering the training

The Process

  • Initial discussion to identify the training needs
  • Development of a Solution to fit with the organisational needs – conduct a Training Needs Analysis if required
  • Review proposed course content to ensure it meets the needs of the organisation
  • Deliver the training at an agreed time and place
  • Evaluate the training

Some examples of customised courses that External Development have delivered are:

  • Computing; courses that deal with specific IT requirements for companies rather than staff having to attend full courses
  • Customer service skills; courses that were designed around company policies and procedures to ensure it is completely relevant for the staff
  • Electrical; courses that targeted specific training requirements for engineers

To discuss your training needs contact Jackie


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