Managing Successful Programmes 5th Edition, Study Guide


What is the MSP® Study Guide?

The MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) Study Guide is the perfect companion to the MSP® Foundation & Practitioner course. This guide covers the MSP® Foundation & Practitioner qualifications and provides supporting information to candidates who are studying their MSP® Foundation & Practitioner course, whether online or in a classroom. It’s been designed to be read alongside the course and core guidance, providing supplementary knowledge of the best practice framework for managing programmes and groups of projects.

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Who is it for

Is the MSP® Study Guide right for me?

The MSP® Study Guide is designed to be utilised by Project Managers and Programme Managers who are looking to take the Practitioner exam.


How will the MSP® Study Guide advance my career?

MSP® is the AXELOS Global Best Practice methodology and framework for managing programmes, utilised in any industry to provide guidance in executing business transformation strategies. The MSP® Study Guide is a key component in implementing this guidance framework, which is to be read alongside the core guidance.

Why study with us

Why purchase the MSP® Study Guide with e-Careers?

  • Guidance on the types of questions you will be asked and how to approach the examinations
  • Uses consistent terminology with the MSP® common glossary, acronyms and definitions
  • Examples, hints and tips to explain concepts
  • You can take the manual into the official MSP® Practitioner exam as it is an open-book format
  • The MSP® Study Guide is worth 5 CPD points and will maintain focus on the six MSP® Transformational Flow Processes, seven MSP® Principles and nine MSP® Governance Themes that are consistent subjects throughout the course materials
  • Books are exempt from VAT

Course Details

What does the MSP® Study Guide cover?

  • Clearer guidance on how a programme deals with multiples Business Change Managers.
  • More about programme Tranches: when they may overlap and the risks in doing so.
  • Completely revised chapters for Benefits Management, Quality and Assurance Management and Risk and Issue Management to be programme centric and for consistency with other Best Management Practice guidance.
  • New guidance covering integrated assurance has been added to the Quality and Assurance Management chapter.
  • The theme chapters now have a section on how the theme interacts with the transformational flow
  • More guidance on Configuration Management particularly in relation to managing issues
  • Consistent use of terminology and concepts for the RACI tables, roles and responsibilities, and the distinction between strategies and plans.

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