BPEC ACS Gas Reassessment


Within The Energy Centre at Dumfries and Galloway College, we offer various BPEC approved courses.

BPEC ACS Gas Reassessment is suitable for gas operatives who are needing to renew their qualifications in order to continue to carry out gas work.

Course code





3 days training for CCN1 (2days) and specialist elements (2hrs per element)

Core Domestic Safety: CCN1           

Variours Elements Reassessment:
CENWAT1 (4hrs), HTR1, CKR1, MET1 -
2 hours per element)        
2 days assessment for Core Domestic Gas and all elements.

CCN1 and Specialist Elements Reassessment (Theory)       
CCN1 and Specialist Elements Reassessment (Practical)          

Please contact a member of team on 01387 734199/98 or shortcourses@dumgal.ac.uk for more information and to make a booking.

    **Training is highly recommended, but not compulsory.**



Entry Requirements

Gas Reassessment is available for qualified gas engineers who are due to renew their gas qualifications. Qualifications cannot have expired over 1 year. If qualifications have expired for longer than 1 year, Initial ACS Assessment will need to be undertaken to prove competence in ACS assessments.

Course Content

Gas Training and Reassessment includes the following:

  • Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1)
  • Domestic Water Heaters and Boilers (CENWAT1)
  • Domestic Cookers (CKR1)
  • Domestic Heaters (HTR1)
  • Domestic Meters (MET1)

For up to date course dates and costs, please contact:

  • T: 01387 734198/99
  • E: shortcourses@dumgal.ac.uk

Course Contact Details

If you would like more information or to reserve a place on a course, please get in touch.

Telephone: 01387 734199

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