Induction – College Academy

Welcome to the College Academy programme from our Principal Joanna Campbell

How will I be able to complete the College course work?

Your College Lecturer will use the following methods to stay in touch with you and help you to complete your College course

  • Microsoft Outlook – to email you instructions and to help you with any problems that you may have. ALL College contact will be made through this email and NOT your personal one
  • LearnNet – the platform the College uses to store teaching material
  • Teams – to have meetings with your class to give instructions about the work that you have to do

What to do

To login to the College systems please complete the following steps

  • Check that you are signed in to your Glow school account on the Teams desktop app or an app on your mobile device – this will keep Glow separate from your College login.
  • In your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) make sure you log out of your Glow account. Now visit then log in with your College email address which will be your student ID number (emailed to you when you enrol) following by e.g.
  • Keep checking your Outlook email account for a link to the Microsoft Team that you will use for your College work

If you are finding this process difficult please email your tutor for further support.

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