Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Equality & Diversity are about treating people fairly, no matter what their differences are. It is making everyone feel included, that no one experiences discrimination or prejudice. We all have a duty to treat one other with respect, and as an organisation, have the responsibility to ensure that we promote Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in every aspect of our operation – both internally and externally.

This 3 hour session will not only share legislation, duties and acts relating to Equality & Diversity, but through discussions and exercises, it will allow those who attend to bring the topic to life, sharing examples and perspectives on areas that may have once been taboo. Individuals will leave the session with personal actions based on what they feel they can do to minimise discrimination and injustice in their personal and business lives.

By the end of this training, you should be better able to:

  • Explain the meaning of equality and diversity, and recognise employer and employee duties in relation to equality and diversity, and inclusion
  • List the Nine Protected Characteristics within the Equality Act and identify legislation that supports these
  • Define how your organisation currently supports equality and diversity, and explore aspirations for future development
  • Recognise Unconscious Bias – how and when it occurs and how to mitigate any impact
  • Create a Personal Action Plan, recognising individual and organisational responsibilities

Course code





3 Hours, Virtual Classroom




Location: Online
Delivery – 04 Jun 2024 09:30

Course Content

    1. What is Equality and Diversity, and what does this mean for my organization?
    2. What legislation supports Equality and Diversity, and where does this fit with the company’s vision, strategy, and objectives?
    3. What practices currently exist to support this vision?
    4. How do Equality and Diversity impact me as an individual and employee?
    5. What is Unconscious Bias, and how does it occur?
    6. What are the consequences of Unconscious Bias, and how can we mitigate them to ensure there are no adverse outcomes?
    7. Personal Action Plan

Course Contact Details

01387 734199

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