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Find your future with a rewarding career in computing that will open an array of exciting opportunities.  

Get one step ahead and take the path towards an exciting career in the fast-paced computing sector with one of our courses. We cover a variety of specialisms including cyber security, computer science and E-sports. Start your journey today. 

What is computing and IT?

Computing and IT is rooted in everything we do in the modern age, it’s crucial to how we live, work and interact with one another on a daily basis. We use a computer, device or created system for just about every task from banking to playing games online. 

Studying computing can open up a pathway to learning about new and emerging technologies while supporting the growth of apps, programmes and lifestyle improvements or simply changing the future. Opening the door to a range of careers in areas such as computer forensics, e-learning development, website design and IT project management.  

Whether you want to become the next Neo or big name in game design, a career in computing and IT could be for you. 

As more than 1 in 3 college students who graduate with an HNC or above go on to university study1*, a qualification in Computing could lead you to the following degree options: 

  • Degree in Engineering & Cyber Security BEng (Hons)/MEng (Hons) 
  • Degree in Games and Virtual Reality BSc (Hons) 
  • Degree in Computer Systems and Networks BEng (Hons)  

 in computing and IT could be for you. 

Why study computing?

Studying computing and IT will make you a supercharged, critical thinking asset for large and small organisations alike. Maintaining the functionality and running of systems to creating the next big breakthrough in programming constantly makes IT professionals a highly sought-after addition to any team.  

Study with us to enjoy: 

  • Access to world class learning facilities – specially designed computer labs and E-sports spaces will give you the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge you need to thrive and develop. 
  • Real experiences of work – our courses are designed to provide you with the skills and real work experiences you need by giving you the chance to put your skills in to practice through real time projects and placements. 
  • Support from highly-trained staff – our lecturing and computing support staff will help you learn the academic theory and practical skills needed whilst helping you to develop your core skills, giving you all you need to get ahead and succeed. 
  • A route to a viable career – with a qualification in your chosen specialism, you could become a web designer, forensic analyst, or a tester in the gaming industry or even go on to shape the future of emerging technologies.  
  • An opportunity to become your own boss – many computing graduates will eventually go on to become owner-managers of their own web design studios or IT Project management firms.   

Where computing and IT could take you

Take a look where a qualification could take you. 

Career Options 

As more than 1 in 3 college leavers go on to find employment2, a qualification in computing could lead to the following careers: 

  • Programmer and Software Development professional – Design, develop and test software systems to meet the specific needs of businesses and a range of organisations. Skillsets can include writing code for programming computer games, 3D development, designing user infaces, maintaining database structures and supporting business software operations. Average starting salary between £26,000 – £44,000 
  • Web Designer / Developer – Design, maintain and bring a client’s specific requirements for their ideal website to life. Websites are a highly sought-after resource for businesses and organisations globally. Designers and developers hone skills in user interaction, content management and creation, applications for sites, graphics and animations to add visual appeal and must be able to work to the specific needs of their clients. Average starting salary between £17,000 – £31,000 
  • IT Project Manager – Manage and use technical skill to supervise specific IT projects with organisations to specific budgetary and time sensitive parameters. Skills include reporting, co-ordination, problem solving, creating project timelines, structure and overseeing all aspects of the IT project from early conception to completion. Average working salary £32,000 – £50,000 

Professional Membership 

Students studying and graduates with a qualification in computing can become a member of the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) – the professional body for digital leaders and anyone working or studying in the IT industry.  

Membership offers you: 

  • Connections to a large network of IT professionals and mentors in the sector 
  • Placement on a public register and accreditation, creating professional integrity 
  • Access to discounts on training and so much more  
  • Support to keep learning and boosting your skills 
  1. Based on SFC (Scottish Funding Council) College Leaver Destinations report 19-20 ↩︎
  2. Based on SFC (Scottish Funding Council) College Leaver Destinations report 19-20 ↩︎

Course Entry Requirements

Most computing courses will require you to have standard grade and national qualifications to enter. Specific requirements will vary by course, but we offer courses where no formal academic qualifications are required. For them, all we ask for is: 

  • You demonstrate a keen interest in studying multimedia with us 
  • You attend an entry interview and present yourself well 
  • You have a positive learner reference – if you’ve studied with us before. 

For courses with formal academic entry requirements, we offer a number of routes in – from studying the qualifications that allow you to progress to offering alternative options.  

All Courses

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*Courses listed above are available as at time of publishing. Availability is subject to demand and some courses may stop accepting applications or be withdrawn at any time.

Learning Environment

Our modern computer labs offer a learning environment in which students can thrive and develop the skills needed to progress their career. Our fantastic facilities paired with the support from qualified staff ensure students get the best possible learning experience throughout their studies.