Hair and Beauty

Take your passion to the next level and build your career in an exciting industry with endless possibilities. 

Follow your dreams and begin your career in Hair and Beauty at Dumfries and Galloway College. Learn the skills you need to exercise your creativity and build a long-lasting career in an ever-expanding sector. Discover industry secrets and gain the hands-on experience to kick start a career in an industry designed to make others feel good and boost confidence. 

Hair and Beauty explained


The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, being valued at an astounding 12 billion in 2022 (CTPA, Statisa). Studying beauty will allow you to gain a wide range of skills such as makeup artistry techniques, holistic massage practices, waxing and shaping, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, facials, nail treatments, tanning application and so much more. Beauty therapists boost client’s confidence and create a calm environment in which customers can relax and enjoy treatments.  

Beauty is a broad industry which encompasses many different careers, embark on a course to try out some of the techniques discussed and see what aspects you find most interesting, focus in on this skill and get one step ahead in beginning your career as a beautician.  


Hairdressing is continually voted as one of the happiest jobs in the world, expressing creativity and ultimately making clients feel better about themselves leads to high levels of job satisfaction. Hairdressers specialise in cutting, colouring and stylings clients hair in a way that compliments their features to enhance their overall appearance.  

Unleash your creative potential and work with various colours, braids, styles, textures and equipment to build an exciting career where no two days are the same.  

Why pursue a career in Hair and Beauty?  

  • Not location specific – With a career in hair and beauty you have the freedom of choosing where you want to work, whether you want to set up a local business or if international travel is your passion, there is endless possibilities. As skills in these industries are extremely transferable, you have the freedom to pursue your passion anywhere in the world.  
  • Work in a people focussed sector – The hair and beauty industries are very client focused and social. These industries will allow you to build meaningful relationships with a wide range of people and enjoy a sociable setting everyday at work.  
  • Job security – Ultimately people will always want and need both hair and beauty treatments so these industries can provide substantial job security compared to other sectors. In addition, there is also a lot of opportunity to specialise and focus on specific elements within these industries. 
  • Opportunity to be your own boss – Whether you want to work 9-5 in a salon with other beauticians or you want to freelance and work around your lifestyle needs, both hairdressing and beauty give the option to do both. Have the freedom to build your own business and work around your commitments.  
  • Express creativity – The possibility to be inventive and creative is a luxury many do not have in a conventional job, however in both hair dressing and beauty you can express your creative flare daily. 

Where Hair and Beauty could take you

Career Options 

As more than 1 in 3 college leavers go on to find employment*, a qualification in Hair and Beauty could lead to the following careers: 

  • Beauty Therapist – provide and perform treatments to improve and help clients’ face and body. Help consumers feel more confident and attractive while creating a calming environment to work in. Beauty Therapists can have a diverse skill set or have specialised skills depending on where they work such as facial massage or spray tanning. Average starting salary £21,450  
  • Makeup Artist – work with customers to guarantee they have fitting makeup for events and performances. Clients often give Makeup Artists a brief for the occasion which could vary from a very basic beauty enhancing makeup look for a wedding to a more dramatic look for films or events. Average starting salary £29,250 
  • Nail Technician – improve and decorate clients’ nails. Before any treatments Nail Technicians check for signs of skin or nail problems. They are able to perform manicures, pedicures, and can work with different types of applications such as gels and acrylics. Often, they are creative people who can design and draw nail art. Average starting salary £21,000 
  • Hairdresser – also known as hair stylists are skilled professionals who cut, style and colour hair. They work with customers to advise them on hairstyles for their wants and needs. Hairdressers need to keep up to date with the latest trends and are able to recommend products for different hair types. Average starting salary £23,055 

Onward study  

As more than 1 in 3 college students who graduate with an HNC or above go on to university study*, a qualification in Hair and Beauty could lead you to the following degree options:  

  • Degree in Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics for Performance  
  • Degree in Hair & Makeup for Fashion  
  • Degree in Specialist Hair & Media Makeup  

*based on SFC College Leaver Destinations report 19-20 

Professional Membership  

Students studying and graduates with a qualification in Hair and Beauty can become a member of the NHBF which is the UK’s largest trade association for hairdressing, barbering, and beauty salon owners. Their aim to help members build successful, profitable and sustainable businesses.  

Some of the benefits of the membership include:  

  • Supportive network with 24/7 helpline. 
  • Free employment contracts, staff handbooks, chair renting and room/space agreements.  
  • Generous savings and discounts on business essentials.  
  • Guides, events and competitions.  

Course Entry Requirements

Despite being a very popular subject, the entry requirements to study hair and beauty are relatively low. Specific requirements will vary by course, but we offer courses where no formal academic qualifications are required. For them, all we ask for is: 

  • You demonstrate a keen interest in studying hair and beauty with us 
  • You attend an entry interview and present yourself well 
  • You have a positive learner reference – if you’ve studied with us before. 

For courses with formal academic entry requirements, we offer a number of routes in – from studying the qualifications that allow you to progress to offering alternative options.  

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Learning Environment

Our fit for purpose industry standard salons and tranquil beauty room gives you the opportunity to explore and develop the skills you need to thrive in your learning. With support from our qualified staff, Dumfries and Galloway college will help students succeed throughout their studies.