CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level (E1, P1, F1)


Course Overview

Get a professional CIMA qualification today with the CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level (E1, P1, F1). This is the first level of the CIMA qualification and while studying this course you will learn the following:

  • E1 – Managing Finance in a digital world
  • P1 – Management Accounting
  • F1 – Finance Reporting

After completing this course, you will be able to make decisive financial decisions, work with your team effectively to transform medium-term projects into quick actionable and achievable plans through using data and accounting software and technology.

Once you have fully completed the required Case Study coursework and tests you will receive your CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting qualifications and will gain the designation at the end of your name of CIMA Dip MA.

We have two CIMA qualifications at e-Careers. One is the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and the other is the CIMA Professional Qualification which comprises: Operational Level, Management Level and Strategic Level).

We’re proud of our excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 13,000 reviews from our past students.

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Is the CIMA Professional Qualification Operation Level (E1, P1, F1) suitable for me?

This course is a great if you either have experience in the field of accounting, finished the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting course, or are AAT Level 4 qualified.

If you have any of the above, the CIMA Professional Qualification Operation Level (E1, P1, F1) qualification is the course for you to attain CIMA CGMA designation.

Want to become a Management Accountant or a Business Accountant? Take this course and gain your CIMA qualification, recognised around the globe.


How will the CIMA Professional Qualification Operation Level benefit me?

  • Interested in finally setting sail and working in a different country?This qualification is highly recognised around the world in 179 different
    countries, you are sure to get work in management accounting wherever you go.
  • With a global network of around 650,000 different accountants, whether they are current or next generation, this is a great opportunity to
    potentially increase your network*.
  • Employers value this qualification very highly, and with 96% of the FTSE 100 corporations employing management accountants who are CIMA
    qualified, this is a well sought-after qualification for improving your job prospects.
  • You will not just go into Management Accounting with this accreditation. Employees with CIMA qualifications will have access to a multitude of
    different job opportunities including Finance, Consulting, or Management jobs.
  • Great opportunity to increase your value and gain that increase in wages you always wanted, as on average qualified CIMA (CGMA) members
    earn £66,000**.
  • The financial incentives don’t stop there, 63% of CIMA qualified accountants expect to obtain a bonus no later than 12 months after qualifying.

*Source – CIMA

**Source – 2019 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants Salary Survey

Designatory Letters

As you progress through your CIMA qualification journey you will gain the following designatory letters: Certificate in Business Accounting.

Once you have successfully completed the BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4 exams, you will gain the designatory letters CIMA Cert BA. Professional Qualification – Operational Level After completing the tests and Case Study exam, you will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting and will gain the designatory letters CIMA Dip MA.

Professional Qualification – Management Level

After completing the tests and Case Study exam, you will receive the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and will gain the designatory letters CIMA Adv Dip MA.

Professional Qualification – Strategic Level

On completion of the Strategic level tests and Case Study exam, you will be eligible to submit your practical experience for assessment.

The practical experience requirement (PER) is an essential part of the CIMA Qualification and CIMA’s application process. It complements assessments and demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge and skills in the context of your professional experience.

Your PER application will be assessed to determine whether you have gained sufficient experience to be awarded Associate membership – giving you the Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designations.

In order to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), you require a minimum of three years verified relevant work-based practical experience.


What jobs can I apply for after my after completing the CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level course?

As after completing this course you would gain the Chartered Management Accountant and CGMA status, you will be able to submit an application for careers like Management Consultant (minimum £60k+) or Finance Manager (minimum £50k+). After you have gained much more experience you will eventually be able to advance in your finance career and get roles such as Finance Director (£75k+), Chief Financial Officer (£100k+) and CEO (£130k+).

(Source: Payscale)

Why Us

Why choose to study for the CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level with

Being the largest, and most widely known body of management accountants, a CIMA qualification is a great asset to your CV when looking for jobs in the accounting sector or working as an accountant for a business.

At e-Careers we offer many benefits:

  • Over 625,000 students that have trained in our courses
  • All our course materials are CIMA approved
  • Study wherever you want, when you want, with our flexible online courses
  • Gain many free learning materials with this course including eLearning, exam guidebooks, study books, pocket revision kits, limitless support
    from Tutors and case study familiarisation workbook
  • Interest-free payment plans available
  • High Pass Rates

We’re proud of our excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 13,000 reviews from our past students.

Syllabus & Exams

CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level Syllabus

E1 Managing Finance in a digital world

  • Role of the finance function
  • Technology in a digital world
  • Data and information in a digital world
  • Shape and structure of the finance function
  • Finance interacting with the organisation

P1 Management Accounting

  • Cost Accounting for decision and control
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Short-term commercial decision making
  • Risk and uncertainty in the short term

F1 Finance Reporting

  • Regulatory environment of financial reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Principles of taxation
  • Managing cash and working capital

CIMA Professional Qualification Operational Level Exam

The CIMA exams cover two testing styles: Objective Test and Case Study exam.

Objective Test

The Operational Level has a 90-minute, computer-based Objective Test. Objective Tests include a range of number entry questions, short multiple-choice questions, drag and drop questions, and more. They will test all component learning outcomes you have covered within this course. This test is computer-graded, and you will receive a provisional grade of pass or fail immediately. Official results will be sent out within 48 hours.

Your exam can be taken at any Pearson Vue Test Centre around the world, with a choice of 5,000 centres.

Case Study

The Operational Level will conclude with a Case Study Examination, which integrates the skills, techniques and knowledge, gained across the three subjects covered. These Case Study Exams are available four times a year: Feb, May, Aug & Nov.

The role simulated in this Case Study is that of an entry level Finance Professional. You will be provided with a simulated context, allowing you to demonstrate you have acquired the necessary knowledge, techniques and mindset for that role.

These Case Study exams are marked by a tutor, and you will receive your results five weeks after the close of the Case Study window on your MY CIMA account.

There are CIMA exemptions for those who have accounting experience, completed AAT level 4 or who have already completed some CIMA training, so speak to an advisor today to discuss your specific requirement in more detail.

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