Introduction to Microsoft Word


Takes the inexperienced user through all the basic concepts of handling a document. After which it introduces proofing tools, text formatting, and page formatting.

This can be considered the Word essentials course as it both lays the foundations of unlocking all future skills whilst giving the attendee a good working knowledge

Course code





1 day, online Via MS Teams, 0930 - 1700



Entry Requirements

Access to MS Teams is essential.
It is highly recommended that delegates have access to a 2nd screen throughout the course.

Course Content

  • How to use the Word user interface
  • Basic typing and editing. Including word wrap, editing mistakes, inserting and overtype.
  • Managing Word files
  • Changing the display view to suit your work
  • Printing documents
  • Using formatting. Includes Bold, Underline, Italics, fonts, font sizes and text alignment
  • Using the proofing tools. The spell-checker, thesaurus and grammar checker.
  • Using the clipboard, drag and drop and multiple documents.
  • Paragraph Formatting. This includes line and paragraph spacing, page breaks, bullet points, margins, page numbers, paragraph styles, tabs and indentations.

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Telephone: 01387 734199

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