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Learn in your own time from the comfort of your own home through open learning. Study one of our short courses to enhance your qualifications, improve your skills or learn something new.

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Maths and English

Enhance your Maths or English skills with an opening learning qualification at Dumfries and Galloway College.

This could help you with maths in real-life situations, such as managing your finances or help you build up your communication skills and sense of emotional understanding.

Working within SCQF level 5 or 6, as a student, you can comfortably work from home at your own pace with support from our tutors. Our Maths and English courses can help you progress to higher education, including teacher training and nursing.

Young man studying at a laptop

Adult Health & Social Care

Gain a qualification in Social Studies that helps you understand and care for people.

You can choose to study human behaviour with psychology or learn safe practices which can help you support individuals with dementia or be able to safely handle medicines.

You can comfortably work from home at your own pace with the support from our tutors.

A male carer takes down details


Develop your understanding of children’s wellbeing by learning about issues that affect them, including mental health and illnesses.

You will pick up the ability to spot signs of illnesses and understand how to react.

You can comfortably work from home at your own pace with support from our tutors.

A childcare practitioner helps a child build a duplo lego tower. Behind them are children drawings and paintings


Enhance your career prospects and learn the principles of sustainability.

Help your business to meet the needs of the future and ensure you’re putting the right practices in place to become more efficient and help Scotland meet its net zero targets.

Our range of courses provide an understanding of sustainable goals, the benefits of an environmental management system and how organisations can help prevent pollution.
You could also learn how to set energy saving targets and how legislation and international agreements might have an impact on your business.

Wind Turbine

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

This ONLINE course is aimed at all food handlers and is recommended by the local Environmental Health Department.

It makes a great alternative for anyone who can’t attend our in-person course.


Food preparation
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