Early Education & Childcare

Early education and childcare

Build your future and advance your career with the skills to get ahead when you study for a qualification in Early Education & Childcare

What is Early Education & Childcare?

Early Education and Childcare is a rewarding and satisfying career path that has a responsibility in shaping future generations. This key role has an impact on children’s lives with a wide range of specialist careers from teaching to childminding. Courses are designed to enable you to understand children’s needs while helping them thrive and prosper in life, celebrating their achievements along the way.

Dumfries and Galloway College offers an environment in which Childcare and Early Education students can gain the knowledge and skills to explore this area and flourish in their chosen career path. As a student, you will be able to deeply understand the academic theory behind working with children and young people with the capability of putting it into practice. This could be through developing your skills in language, literacy, and numeracy in addition to sociology.

Various courses offer exciting placements to put your knowledge into practice, giving you the best opportunity to progress into a future career in Early Education and Childcare.

Career paths with a qualification in the Early Education & Childcare

  • Nursery Workers - Are understanding people who has excellent patience. Nursery working look after children up to the age of five helping them learn numeracy and language skills often through play. Nursery workers will make sure children have a safe area that they can plan and supervise activities which let children be creative and have fun. Average starting salary between £14,000-£21,000
  • Early Years teacher are experts in working with children up to the age of five in childhood development. Focusing on techniques to help children learn, early years teachers provide a safe and positive environment which set up children for primary school. Early Years teachers will plan the curriculum, monitor children’s progress while supervising nursery workers and assistants. Average starting salary £22,000- £25,000
  • Children’s nurses have the knowledge and experience to provide care to children of all ages who are suffering from long term or short-term illnesses and conditions. They are able to give injection, tend to wounds, and injuries. Children’s nurses support and advise family members or carers about their child’s medical needs, interpreting children’s behaviour to show what they need. Average starting salary is £24,000-£25,000

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Why study Early Education and Childcare at Dumfries & Galloway College?

Get one step ahead and build your future with Dumfries and Galloway College – the leading provider of education and training in southwest Scotland. Here’s why you should study with us:

Student Satisfaction

We're in the top 2 of 26 colleges in Scotland for further education in student satisfaction with 97% Students Satisfied 

We're in the top 4 of 26 of colleges in Scotland for higher education in student satisfaction with 94% Students Satisfied 

Based on the 2018/19 academic year Student Satisfaction and Engagement survey conducted by the Scottish Funding Council.

Student Satisfaction

Positive Destination

Over 9 in 10 of our students move to a positive destination into further study or employment. 

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Positive Destination

Pathway to University

Our students successfully completing an HNC or HND program can continue their education journey and move on to further study towards a degree with a UK university.

Pathway to University

Our Learning Environment

At Dumfries and Galloway College we offer the environment to prosper and develop the skills to thrive while earning your qualifications. With support from our qualified staff members, we offer you the chance to expand your knowledge and change children’s lives. Dumfries and Galloway College will give students an education that will help you succeed in the future – whether that’s further education or employment.

Early education and childcare
Early education and childcare
Early education and childcare

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